Yes,Chen Wenjin was when the beggar left the station,Suddenly I feel something that makes him uncomfortable quickly go away。

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‘The mysterious thing that exploded that night,Does it specifically pick beggars??Does alien civilization really use beggars,Disabled people monitor us humans?’Chen Wenjin was secretly surprised,I heard my mother shout again:“The car is coming!Faster。”
Chen Wenjin recovered,Bringing dishes on the bus。
Not peak period,Not many people in the car,When sitting down,Chen Wenjin asked casually:“Are you and dad planning to buy a car??”
“What car to buy!The poor can’t eat anymore!Also bought a car!Buy in a dream!”Chen’s face is black,Guarded、Pretending to scan the people in the car casually。
Mother Chen didn’t say anything along the way,After getting off the bus,She suddenly said:“Long dim eyes!Wealth is not revealed,In case there is a bad guy in the car,I thought how much money we had,What if you kidnapped us?What to do if you follow us home and rob?What to do if you steal our things from the car?You didn’t see me coming out to buy vegetables?”
“I remember。”Chen Wenjin is secretly funny,Mother Chen taught him these words before,just——Years to come,There are cameras everywhere in the city,The bus is also a camera,Those who steal on the bus are all squatting in prison,So much that he forgot,The age of life is not so rich yet,A lot of bus theft。
“Just say you don’t learn well,I’m thinking about spending some money!Have a virtue with your dad!Can’t save money,Money in your hand is as hot as your hands!He has a company car for commuting,Why buy a car?”Chen’s mother hates iron for failing to make steel,Chen Wenjin agrees,It’s just that he knows the truth is that he doesn’t need to care about the time value of the money,Just say:“Sooner or later,I think I will win again,I won’t be short of money to buy a trolley in the future。”
“Won’t even win!”Mother Chen denied,Quiet for a moment,I think this is not very reasonable,And I need to talk to my heart,Can’t tell her husband,I can only tell the child。“You don’t know the virtue of your dad,Bought a car,His tail is still up to the sky?It was originally a soft ear root,I heard a few words,Send money outside with a few sentences,People think he is rich with a car,Not more women want to lie to him?If your dad discusses this,,You have to persuade him。”
“That simple,Buy the cheapest van,Easy to travel from home,There are a lot of grocery shopping,Low cost of use,He’s not afraid to cause trouble when he drives out。”Chen Wenjin knows that Chen’s mother is a practical school,Sure enough, this proposal tempted his mother,After thinking about it:“Then your dad won’t buy it。It’s better not to buy。Said it is convenient,In fact, the money from the car is used to buy vegetables,You don’t have to take the bus to come this far,Save money by buying vegetables,How many years is enough for the car?!”
Chen Wenjin stopped talking,His mother is his mother,I didn’t fool around with the van,Smashed his attempt sharply,It seems he will use a car,Still have to consider a deck of water vehicles,This age is really easy to use,I won’t be on the road in a few years,But then he won’t need it。
but,Chen Wenjin’s thinking about his mother’s worries also makes sense,He also thinks,His father would be like that。
however,Can you really stop it??
Chen Wenjin knows it’s useless to worry about it,Just in case,Just live again。
He accompanies his mother to buy vegetables home,Received a message from Abao on the pager,Go out。
When the exam is over,Chen Wenjin asked Abao to find a way to buy a car,did not expect,News so soon。
To the place,Chen Wenjin saw people waiting,It turned out to be Alfang。
“After a long time,It turned out to be gold to buy a car?Suddenly got rich?”Al Fang was surprised,Obviously Abao did not say before,Chen Wenjin was also surprised,The way Abao was looking for turned out to be Afang who knew Sister Huo。
“What do i get rich?Want to buy at home,Unconventional cars are so much cheaper,Of course I have to save money for my family。”Chen Wenjin’s answer is reasonable,Alfang smiled and said:“Yes!But why don’t you buy a water vehicle from the old port??There happens to be one of the second-hand, good-quality Big Ben,200,000 to get it!”
“Don’t be scary,My family can’t afford it,Even if someone gave it、My dad dare not open。”Chen Wenjin’s truth,The atmosphere of this era plus his father’s unit,Drive that kind of car,High-profile ones will become targets,Ignore the authority of the leader。