So what did others say before,She didn’t seem to hear,I’m just immersed in the surprise alone。

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“no need,I came by car,Everyone, let’s say goodbye!”Speaking of Qin Feng, he suddenly thought of Old Zhen and Old Li, so he continued.:“Zhen Lao Li Lao,Your second old?”
“Hahaha,We two old men,I can only take your car back,When I came, I heard that this is a two-day and one-night birthday party,Then we two old men can’t leave early either,So after this, let the driver go back first。”
“It was over before I thought。”Old Zhen said with a smile。
“That happens,I am also interested,On the way, we can study the company’s affairs。”Qin Feng nodded and said。
“Boss,Thanks to you this time,Otherwise, my mother and I really don’t know what to do。”Zhang Dongshuai in the car said first。
“Don’t talk about these useless,In the future, you will remember to work hard to become strong so that someone will look upon you,Otherwise you will be trampled under your feet forever,Only when you are strong can you better protect your family,Your lover,Understand?”
Qin Feng said while driving。
“I know the boss,I won’t feel inferior in the future,Especially in front of the Chinese family, I will sit on an equal footing with them。”
Qin Feng nodded after listening to Zhang Dong,It seems that my trip was not in vain,At least Zhang Dong took that step,I believe what will happen in the future,He will have enough confidence。
“Qin Feng,Thank you too,At least don’t take those things that Auntie said,Because my aunt always feels,Relatives are still so,Not to mention the so-called friends,Auntie is short of knowledge。”
“Zhang Dong can have a big brother like you,Is his blessing。”Mother Zhang didn’t say a word during the entire banquet,He didn’t even say a word of blessing,Because she felt that she and her son were ridiculed。
Qin Feng also got a lot of blank eyes for Zhang Dong,So Mother Zhang is very sorry。
Don’t be polite with me,Zhang Dong is my brother。”Qin Feng doesn’t care about these,Because this is too challenging for him,If a few words affect a person,Then he is not the legendary lunatic。
“Zhang Dong,I didn’t expect that you and the genius doctor Hua are still relatives!”Old Zhen smiled and said。