“Not much,You are interested?It’s time to vote。”

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“OK,I also want to learn to make money from you,But I have to wait for Abao to pay me back。”Qiangwei took the opportunity to confirm Wang Shuai’s previous promise,Just heard Wang Shuai smiled disapprovingly:“What a big deal?If he relinquishes the bill, I will pay for it。”
Chen Wenjin estimates that Wang Shuai must use this to dig a hole,At least two,As for whether it can be effective,It depends on how Qiangwei chooses。
“I’m not worried,Have you there,I don’t think I have to worry about anything。”Qiangwei looks at Wang Shuai with affection,The latter is smiling,But he said to Chen Wenjin:“Red wolf got my word,I guess a few other people held back for a few days today,Nine times out of ten, I will talk to me about making money。Do you think they are reliable?”
“I don’t know,Haven’t had much financial dealings with them。They have money for consumption,It’s hard to say whether to make more money。”Chen Wenjin tells the truth,I haven’t had much contact with those few in my memory。
“Also,Then see what they have ideas,How much do you need。If the number is unreasonable, it may be cheated and run away,Like a red wolf, one, two, three, four,Expense is clear,Invest if the amount is small。”Wang Shuai doesn’t care about losing or not,But don’t want to be deceived,Really earn money with heart,It doesn’t matter if something goes wrong。
I will gossip after talking like this,When Qiangwei goes to the bathroom,Wang Shuai suddenly said:“Pierced my ears and plug me up,I was scolded for excuses,Said he had high hopes,He just returned me such a result or something,Leave after scolding。I estimate,He was forced to collect debts for two more days,I can’t hold it anymore。”
“Qiangwei, how long are you going to sway?”Chen Wenjin feels that the basic situation of piercings is set,I don’t care about him at home,It seems that he broke contact with his family a long time ago,Not willing to go back at all,Desperate,You can only walk into the road that Wang Shuai preset。
It’s Rose,Wang Shuai promised,Such a big bait,I won’t let the rose just eat like that。
“I mentioned Rose to my dad,Said it was her family’s difficulties,Have been struggling to find opportunities to earn money。It is estimated that there will be arrangements soon,As for how to use it later,First look at her performance。I keep it for long-term use,If it doesn’t work, let her out and let her thump。”Although Wang Shuai is not tired of Rose,But I have to pay for Qiangwei,I have to let her do things first,Did not say the truth for free。Don’t drive her to work before taking a big bite,Wait for her to eat,In case it’s so satisfied,How can I easily drive it??“Qiangwei hinted a few times,Thinking of my place,I think she has a strong desire to move out of the house,Plan to find her a house near Pengzhong,Do you want to find a room for you??”
“also。”Chen Wenjin thinks it’s okay to stay more,There will be some activities in the future,Rest near when you are tired,very good。
At this moment,The door is knocked,Then Qiangwei opened the door and came in,Asked:“What are you talking about?”
“Talk about finding a house,For future convenience,Ready to find a suitable house near Pengzhong,Usually we live there。”Wang Shuai won’t let Qiangwei move into his house,So as not to cause trouble in the future。
“It’s not far when I drive back to you?”Qiangwei still wants to live in Wang Shuai’s real home。
“You are not afraid that my dad will know,But i have concerns,I’m not afraid he will know about our relationship,I’m going to let you meet him if I find a chance,But you live with me,How to explain to him?What would he think of you?”Wang Shuai already thought about it,Qiangwei can’t refute this reason,Yes,Her age,Live in Wang Shuai’s house,His father will definitely have opinions。
“I didn’t think well,If you rent a house, I heard that long-term rent is more cost-effective,You should be able to negotiate more prices if you sign for three years at a time?I know a friend who works as an intermediary at home,Still near Pengzhong,I can ask her to help find a suitable house,The price is easy to talk about。”Qiangwei said so,Obviously, I am afraid that the renting time is too short,Then she moved out,After some changes, I will lose a place to stay。
Wang Shuai understands,But don’t care,Anyway, he needs a foothold in the next three years,As for whether Qiangwei really knows people,Still have to find it in person,He just pretended not to care,So said:“Okay,By the way, pay attention to Chen Wenjin and Abao,They need both。”
“OK!”Qiangwei is very happy,With this reassurance pill,She thinks she will be able to move out of Auntie’s house soon。As for what to say about sharing,She doesn’t mention it,Not willing at all,But still have to be forced to ask:“How big is it needed?”
“Try to be bigger,Convenient when crowded。”Said Wang Shuai,Added:“Abao said he wanted a small one,Where’s Chen Wenjin?”