“His Royal Highness the Dragon King,How about this arrow?”

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Patriarch Wang raised his chest and raised his head when asked,Full of confidence in the tone,After all, this is his strongest arrow,So it should have this status。
Xia Chenglong also thinks this is very strong,At least in the existence of the Holy Land, it can lead the way,just……
Although the arrow is a good arrow,But too independent and strong。
In his feelings,There is only one arrow,This arrow is bound to shock the world,Unsuccessful benevolence。
Although this kind of artistic conception is powerful,But there is a fatal flaw,That’s crispy!
Yes,The harder the thing, the more brittle,So it looks powerful,But lost the original meaning of bow and arrow。
Xia Chenglong flips hands at will,The peach blossom also started to go towards the sky,To be accurate is to face the bow and arrow。
When the sky full of peach blossoms cover that area,The reddish peach blossoms turned into ink,Everything is black and white,Everything is lost。
Mo is his mood。
Soft and rigid,Rigid and soft,Two different forms unfold in ink。
“this is……”
The faces of the three Patriarchs faded,Able to make artistic conception,This form can definitely only be performed by the masters of the gods,I didn’t expect Xia Chenglong to be able to display it in the Holy Land。
For this,They can only expect it!
Xia Chenglong can perform at this moment,Naturally because his own realm is asking the god realm,And in terms of artistic conception, I went further than others。
Today like this,I just want them to experience this for themselves。
Go with time,The bows and arrows that seem to be powerful are turned into nothingness in the ink,The arrow is over before it is sent。
“Let me try!”
Family Master Chen stood up and said。