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Various new and optimized functions,Let the entire technology communityWindows 2.0Full of expectations,And have a chance to getWindows 2.0Major computer media for test versions,Then instantly transformed into a licking dog,CorrectWindows 2.0Licking wildly,The most influential in North America、Computer professional journals affiliated to the American Computer Association:《American computer society newsletter》He doesn’t even mean his words of praise,Wrote in their article:
“All the time,Whether it is a dumb graphical operating system,Still convenient and fast、Simple mouse,I thinkWindows 1.0It is already the most perfect personal computer operating system in the world,I even think that within ten years,There will be no transcendenceWindows 1.0The emergence of the computer operating system,But what I didn’t expect was,The data research company is so dynamic、So ambitious,They are not satisfied withWindows 1.0Success,inWindows 1.0Three years after launch, today,They launched againWindows 1.0Upgraded version of:Windows 2.0。
I can’t describe my first useWindows 2.0The shocking feeling,I can only say,This is a sufficient‘great’Operating system,Windows 2.0Shock to me,No less than the shock when I first experienced a graphical operating system on a microcomputer!
I firmly believe that every computer user should change his operating system from1.0Upgrade to2.0,That gap,It’s like entering the era of internal combustion engines from the steam age……”
In many mediaWindows 2.0Among the flattery,Windows 2.0Finally launched……
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Chen Geng’s computer superstores throughout the United States have not only attracted countless computer companies, large and small, all over the world.、Proud of being able to enter the computer superstore,And the sales data of each company regularly released by the superstore,It has also become a barometer of the performance of various companies,Directly linked to the stock market performance of these companies。
inWindows 2.0The day of listing,Chen Geng went directly to the superstore in Los Angeles,Actual observationWindows 2.0Sales。
with2010The same as the domestic computer superstores years ago,Driven by the computer superstore,The whole street is bustling、Crowds,Into the superstore,Although the air conditioner in the store is fully turned on,But Chen Geng still feels that the temperature around him has risen several degrees in an instant.,Various bargaining sounds、The noise instantly poured into my ears……
Although data research companies are in the microcomputer marketNO.1,But when it comes to comprehensive strength,“Blue giant”IBMIs the real wealth,IBMThat covers an area as high as160Multiple square booths are facing the entrance of the store,Chen Geng looked up,IBMA banner has been pulled out of the booth:All products of the company have been perfectly upgraded toWindows 2.0operating system。