Everyone nodded,Expressed great expectation。

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“Ah ah ah ah ah,Brother Su,Great,Can listen to new songs again。”
“The Little Prince of Songs,Online song。”
Under the gaze of everyone,Su Luo slowly sang。
“River Seine,Coffee on the left bank,”
“I have a cup,Taste your beauty……”
Cheerful and hoarse tone,Su Luo attracted everyone’s attention as soon as he spoke,Close your eyes and listen。
“Owning you will own the world,Dear,I love you,since that day……”
On the terrace,Huang Lei and the others listened blankly,Totally immersed in singing。
And the live room,The barrage was much less for a while。
The next moment it exploded,Mess around。
“Stop singing,Ear is going to be pregnant。”
“sounds amazing,I want to hear crying,Su Da。”
“No other requirements,I beg Su Da hurriedly record this song,We want to listen to the full version。”
“Cappella is so scary,Isn’t it the soundtrack……”
“This song should only be in the sky,How many times can the world hear。”
finally,Accompanied by a sentence‘Saying i do’,a‘Confession balloon’Drop the curtain,And at the moment,Whether it’s the director,Dong Peng and others,Even the audience in the live broadcast room,Long time can’t calm down,Seems to be immersed in the aftermath of singing。
for a long time,He Jiao is the first to recover,Applaud without hesitation,Also infected other people。