obviously,He neither has the courage of Master Wuhao,And he doesn’t have that tyrannical strength,Able to retreat under the attack of the magic dragon。

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Know without thinking,This plane team led by Wu Hao,Will reach the new plane one step earlier than everyone else,Seize the opportunity,Over time,Their advantages will only expand。
“Ignore others,Continue to form a defense!”Xu Huailong shouted in a deep voice。
All the soldiers of the Yingyang army darkened their eyes,The coach has made a decision,They can only follow orders。
Zhu Jian looked back at the navy soldiers he had brought,Find that their overall morale is not high,After all, not everyone can be like Master Wu Hao,With magical magic equipment,Take down the magic dragon’s dragon flame blow,Can escape at super speed。
Pause time,Zhu Jian felt that he was too confident before,Zhu’s strength and heritage,Sure enough。
“Forget it!Give up this mission!We kill and go home!”Zhu Jian took a deep breath,Speak loudly。
The navy soldiers around were taken aback,Immediately refreshed。
The reason they were lost just now,Because I lost my goal and direction,All this in front of me,Looks too difficult,It’s already too difficult to exceed their abilities。
Although someone has already passed by,But they know,The back of that man,It’s their big boss Zhu Jian who can’t catch up yet。
“Come back home,Our journey is in the blue sea and blue sky,Not here!”Zhu Jian shook his head vigorously,Regained firmness in his eyes。
He didn’t want to sacrifice the lives of his brothers,I also know that I don’t have the skills of Master Wuhao,What are you staying for??
Better to go back!Although the road home is bloody and long,But at least one way,Isn’t it??
One thousand one hundred and eighty chapters New world