Typically you forget your friends if you have a woman,OK,Die here with that woman,She still has to find a way out!

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Don’t care about other things,Xia Chenglong only focused on two things in the next period of time,One is their own strength,The second is to flirt with Murong Qianxue,Fenghuaxueyue!
I spent seven or eight thousand in such a wonderful time,These days,Who except play,Don’t practice deliberately,You only need to sleep at night and you can quickly improve。
One week,A month,Two months,I don’t know how long has passed,Xia Chenglong only knew that he had a very fulfilling life。
Tu Cancan has moved out of the bamboo courtyard,The reason is that you can’t understand some self-righteous guys。
I have no opinion on Xia Chenglong,He only needs the woman Murong Qianxue。
This is the lake on the side of the bamboo courtyard,Watching the calm and clear water,Refreshing,Looks extra peaceful!
Inevitable eye,Hands behind your back,The palms that were originally opened are clenched into fists in the next moment and slowly tighten。
Just this one light movement,The whole lake is trembling。
This is not a normal tremor,But the whole lake is shaking at the same time,So it still looks like that on the surface,But you go see it by the shore,As if the whole water surface is lifted up。
This is a brand new place this time,Is absolutely beyond the holy state,So what kind of terrifying state Xia Chenglong has reached,I can’t even know。
Ask god,Attention level or higher……
“Seems enough!”