“Otherwise, I know my mistakes and don’t correct them。What to do?”

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After Xiao Fan finished,Wen Xu slowly looked up at Xiao Fan and said to him:“How does the boss punish??How do you want to punish me?”
Xiao Fan said looking at Wen Xu,tell him:“Then you go to my office!There is a little scum on Madam’s desk and I need to clean up,Just you。”
“You go to clean up。I’ll treat you as a punishment,Make up for。”
Wen Xu thought,What kind of punishment is this?,Isn’t the usual punishment for him to go to Africa or go to other branches??Why is it just a small matter like tidying up the table today?。
Could it be that Xiao Fan came to his office to find him to clean the table in his office??
Wen Xu said to Xiao Fan:“boss,What are you looking for in the office?I’ll clean up the table in a while,I’ll do what you want to do first。”
Xiao Fan said:“This document is signed,Then send it to our partner company。”
So this is ah,Wen Xu thinks too much,How could Xiao Fan go to his office to find him specifically for him to clean up the table??
But Wen Xu thought about it again。When will Xiao Fan come and deliver the documents?。
Didn’t he ask him to fetch the documents every time it wasn’t a phone call??Sure enough, Xiao Fan is an old and cunning man。He did it on purpose,Want to find him to clean up the table。Humph。
Wen Xu took the documents Xiao Fan gave him and put them on the table,tell him:“boss,I’ll send this file in a while. I’ll go to your office and clean up the desk,Or send the documents?”
Xiao Fan said:“Of course I went to clean the table first,Otherwise you think I?Otherwise you think?”What Xiao Fan wants to say is otherwise what do you think I came to the office to do??
But he suddenly got stuck,He can’t just say it like that,I have said that it is punishment for Wen Xu. It must not be said that he came here deliberately to ask him to collect the table.。
Wen Xu looked at Xiao Fan and said to him:“boss,What are you saying,So why。”