In addition, Liu Chunlan also knows Liu Guangguang well.,This child has never learned anything else since he was young,But just because of this exaggeration,That’s one person on top of the row。

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so,Regarding what Liu Guangming just said,Xiao Fan was quite skeptical about picking them up late.。
Chapter 355 How can the car be driven for him?
“Aunt,What do you mean,Don’t you believe me?”Liu Guangguang heard the serious skepticism in Liu Chunlan’s words,So the whole person immediately became unhappy。
“Chunlan,Is it possible that our family’s beauty will still lie??”After Liu Guangming,Wang Dahua was the first to stand up unwillingly。
That’s her most precious grandson,She can’t bear to say the last sentence,How could she let her adopted daughter now?,That’s what Liu Chunlan said about her big baby grandson?
“mom,I didn’t mean to say that he was lying,I just asked him。”Liu Chunlan said helplessly。
Liu Chunlan admitted that when she asked Liu Guangguang that question,She is absolutely skeptical,Because Xiao Fan was late to pick them up,In Liu Chunlan’s view,That is simply an impossible thing,and so,She suspects that Liu Guangguang is absolutely reasonable。
but,Years of living together,Liu Chunlan is about Liu Neng and Wang Dahua,She knows nothing better,I am also very aware of the status of Liu Fengguang in the hearts of Liu Neng and Wang Dahua.。
and so,Even if you are looking for trouble,Even if it’s just to listen to Liu Neng and Wang Dahua, they should not say a few words,Liu Chunlan will never put a doubtful attitude towards Liu Guangguang on her face.。
after all,She is not idle and doing nothing,I have to listen to Liu Neng and Wang Dahua scolding her。
but,Even this Liu Chunlan is already extremely careful,But still angered Wang Dahua and Liu Guangguang。
Liu Chunlan looks like Wang Dahua can’t wait to eat herself,She is really speechless,It seems,A situation where I can find trouble even if I have nothing to do with Wang Dahua’s strange flower,Still underestimated。
“Why doesn’t that mean,When you said that,All of us are listening here,Even if you say that we alone wronged you,Can you say that all of us have heard it wrong,Did I wrong you??”Wang Dahua said reluctantly。
“mom,That was not what I meant,I really didn’t mean it,Don’t get me wrong?”When Liu Chunlan said this,,The whole person is under fire。
To know,She used to have sharp teeth,Picking up the thorns as a person at the airport,This has recently been under the invisible guidance of Lin Feng and all of them,Liu Chunlan is more and more unable to accept her previous self。
Or it is,Liu Chunlan is increasingly unable to accept the current Liu Neng and Wang Dahua family。
Such a bitter look,Looks really annoying!