Because those guys finally paid the price,But now she is also a little bit emotional that these people have paid a greater price for their greed。

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It’s just that the price makes people feel,This is the unbearable weight of life。
“who knows?”Qin Feng said casually:“Everything is destined,Choose the way,Since they have chosen such a tragic path,Then we will die for this road。”
Qin Feng’s words are cruel,But it shows a lot of things。
Jiang Yan also understands this truth,But she still couldn’t pass this hurdle in her heart,She looked at Qin Feng and asked in a low voice:“Do you have any means?If you can help them,Do your best to help them。”
By Qin Feng’s side for so long,To say that Jiang Yan can’t find anything,That is obviously impossible。
But Jiang Yan is also very smart,I have always pretended not to know many things。
Hear these words,Qin Feng also sighed with narrowed eyes:“Actually,I really can’t help it,Now those bosses don’t let them go。”
When these people were gaining power,Which one is not showing off?In that case,Did you say something can be handled??
Qin Feng’s words are correct,These people did so much before,Naturally I can’t smooth out some things。
under these circumstances,Even Jiang Yan who wants to help them has nothing to say。
Qin Feng also went to the village committee a little upset,He wants to know what happened to Huang Longwen。
Just when Qin Feng arrived at the village committee,It’s already crowded over there。
“village head,Why do you have to help this time?,You know if you don’t help us at all,Then we really have no place to bury us,We also know it was wrong。”
“Chief Huang Longwen,We really don’t want to die,See if there is a way to find someone to clear it,We sold this car,Then I lost money to those people。”
“Huang Longwen,How can I be your relative??You can never be saved,If so,Who will be your relatives in the future??”
There are also several types of people here,Some are honest,But the other is all about relationship,And don’t want to put down the shelf。
But they
I don’t think about who Huang Longwen is,How could such a person care about face and affection?
“Ha ha,I am also a little puzzled,When you eat meat,Where am i?I’m being laughed at by you,Now you want to come over and leave after a few words,Is it that simple?”