Who my daughter likes,Liang Mingyue knows well,After the initial embarrassment,She knew what was going on,Although I disagree with my daughter’s behavior,But things are out,Mom must cooperate。

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“We Xinxin suffered such a big loss,Can’t just forget it!”
reputation?If you really want fame,Will she do such a shameless thing??
Lu Liang’s brain regained his Qingming,Looking at my sister who refused to look up,Look at the mother who is committed to her daughter,Already understood。
All that should have come,But the most important person is not there,Don’t know,Still disdain this farce?
A relationship that was finally repaired,Was broken again by the mindless Lu Xin!
Both parents are in,He can’t come forward,Let’s see what Huo Yunhe said。
The person is still a little groggy,After getting a punch,Already fully awake,Looking at everything in front of me coldly,Really sneered,Finally drunk,The mess is my sister-in-law。
Look at this posture,Is the rhythm of forced marriage!
The eyes of the audience returned to him again,Suddenly smile,Wicked,“I, Huo Yunhe, just say one thing,Listen up,I was drinking at the bar yesterday,Woke up right here,As for why this woman appeared,I don’t know。”
Button the suit jacket,Back straight,Head up slightly,Obviously arrogant,“Since everyone is here,No need to notify one by one,Me and yang,Lu Yao and I have obtained the certificate,Sit down someday,Everyone discuss a day for the wedding。Lost。”
Huo Yunhe’s explanation is too simple,Voice falling,Waiting for no response,Take a steady step,Fly away。
Really arrogant!