Hu Yang sees everyone’s curious eyes,So explain:This is the former king of South Asian weapons。

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The Malays have made the most unique weapon in the world,It is comparable to any cold weapon in the world,But today,Its casting technology has been lost in later generations,is called“The lost miracle”。
The traditional Malay Kris sword is purely made of meteorite iron,It is made of various components of metal after delicate and repeated folding and forging,Rumored to be extremely sharp,Can easily cut off the gun tube。
“Sharp?Doesn’t seem right,This sword is not very sharp。”Old Su shook his head immediately。
This weapon,Hardly hard,But not sharp。exactly,None of the previous experts have concluded。
Hu Yang smiled:“that is because,This weapon,Just semi-finished,No time to start。”
“Semi-finished products?”moment,Lao Su and the others will understand。prior to,Everyone didn’t think about it。
“Although it is semi-finished,But its value,it goes without saying。How to say,He is also made of meteorite。Don’t talk about meteorite now,Is a meteorite,Are calculated in grams。”Populus said。
Old Su Yimu Lianlian,Emotionally,Always wanted to find a treasure,I didn’t expect I already had,I just didn’t find it。
“As for this one,It’s just a fake,And the means of fraud are not clever。”
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Chapter Four Hundred and Twenty One Chinese and foreign famous swords competition
“Brother Hu,Then my dad’s sword,How much is worth?”Ran Ran couldn’t help asking。