“Mr. Hu,Please rest assured to us,The lawsuit,We are very professional。”Lawyer Luo also solemnly responded。

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“Ok!You were introduced by Brother Zhao,I feel relieved。Burmese jade public sale in November,If you have time,,Go play together?”Hu Yang smiled and invited。
Lawyer Luo was overjoyed,He knows how the friendship between Hu Yang and Xin Zhao came from。
Populus euphratica is not only good at appraising treasures,Betting on stones is equally good,A stone bet made hundreds of millions for Xin Zhao。Such a good thing,If he also follows,Eat meat,Soup is also good!
“it is good,Should be free in November。”Lawyer Luo happy。
everybody knows,This is a way for Brother Hu to thank others。
Hu Yang and Hua Zi found a hotel with Jiangnan characteristics for the night,He Qi Hongye、柰子’s academy is not far away,Nearby is an old street,Next to it is a small bridge and flowing water,Very artistic,Just the water is not clear enough,Affect the beauty。
This area,The food tastes sweet,Also has the exquisite Cantonese cuisine,It is in line with the taste of Populus euphratica and Huazi。Compared to spicy,Cantonese seem to be more willing to accept sweet。
Jiangnan area,Rich since ancient times。In ancient times,Sugar is one of the high-end goods,Eat more sugar in affluent areas,It became a necessity,The people here have developed a sweet taste。
“Chinese food,Used to it?”Populus sees 柰子 eats very gracefully,Pleasing to the eye,Can’t help but ask。
Stayed for a while,nod:“China’s food culture is very broad,People in almost every country,You can find your favorite taste in China,Besides, some of our Japanese food culture originally originated from China,Of course you can get used to。”
The audience in the live broadcast room also gradually fell in love with this beautiful Japanese girl,Are you too obsessed with Chinese culture??Her knowledge of Chinese traditional culture,Even make many Chinese feel ashamed。
“Hu Ge,Where shall we go today?”Ye Mei asked curiously。
Populus sees Qi Hongye:“There are more cultural and entertainment markets in Suzhou,Slightly scattered,Does Brother Qi have a plan??”