“Ha ha,What’s weird,Isn’t that the fallout??”

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“We are all ready to move,What do you think that guy will be like??”
Many people are mocking Qin Feng,They have also been told,In the entire village, Qin Feng’s family was never asked whether to sell the house.。
of course,Qin Feng was good to them before,But sometimes people’s minds are messed up。
But there are still many kind people,Even if they are a little afraid,But still fucking the guy appeared at Qin Feng’s door and confronted Tianguang and the others。
Jiang Tianguang and others didn’t expect,Someone will stand up for Qin Feng。
Even Huang Longwen said a little bit timidly:“What are you doing,This is our Qingshui Village,How could this be impossible??what’s the matter,That’s also good to say。”
“Ha ha,There is nothing to say about this,We just want to come over and explain something to him,But he kept avoiding,This matter is not appropriate?”
Said the sky coldly,He looks like an enemy。
Huang Longwen was also scared,This is not easy to handle?
What if it’s not easy to handle,That is also to be handled,Thought of here,Huang Longwen gritted his teeth and said:“This matter will be dealt with later,but
What you say,That also violated the law。”