Qiu Ke took over:“If it wasn’t because the Germans came,Be careful about first come, first come,In the endpassat B2Chrysler’sfamilyReally hard to say……”

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Not finished yet,A bit of horror has appeared on his face!
To what extent does the Huaxia government attach importance to Chen Geng?,Give a very simple example:A very important job of the embassy is to pay attention to Chen Geng’s movements in the United States、development of。
Chen Geng and Chrysler Automobiles developed this“family”Cars are also rated as projects that need to be tracked.,Not to mention that now Chrysler cars and“family”Cars are now the biggest hot news in the United States,This time,Almost every other week,The embassy will send a parcel to China,Almost all the parcels are about Chen Geng and this“family”Car news report。
One sentence,Huaxia attaches great importance to Chen Geng!
The First Machinery Department has adjusted Chen Geng’s position in SAIC’s Sino-foreign joint venture automobile project several times.:Borrowing Chen Geng from the beginning to put pressure on the Germans,To later“Can be listed as an alternative”,Chill till now,Because the Germans are extremely willing to withdraw from this project,The above has been seriously considering that when the Germans withdraw from“Chen Geng-Chrysler Alliance”To replace this plan of the Wolf Castle Group。
But at this time,Suddenly I found that Chen Geng didn’t seem to like Demon Capital very much,This problem is serious,This is directly related to the success or failure of the Magic City car project,Why does Chen Geng dislike Magic Capital??It’s because this place of Devil City once made him sad?Or because……some people?
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