“The question is,In order to repair this batch‘Aerial crane’Various special tooling、Fixture、Measuring tools and testing equipment,Basically all the equipment of a fuselage production line,”Speaking of which,Wang Dazhi spreads out his hands,Asked the trio:“Three,You say,To this point,We made such a big move,Why not just imitate‘Aerial crane’What?

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after all,If it is only repaired,We only have a dozen or so‘Aerial crane’,But if imitate,50frame、100frame、200Frame even500Frame is not a problem,It depends on how many planes our troops need,Even we can best plan from the beginning,By upgrading the engine、Main reducer and rotor,Gradually work out the maximum lifting weight12Tons of、Lifting weight15Tons of……How flexible this is?”
It seems to be the same……
Captain Lee、Lieutenant Colonel Liu and Lieutenant Chu,I think what Wang Dazhi said is right:Everything has been added to this level,It’s just one step away from building the whole machine,In that case,Then why not just build the whole machine directly?
Like what Wang Dazhi said,When the time comes, why should we pick and search for a dozen or so‘Aerial crane’Make a fuss?At that time, you can produce as many frames as you want.,Want to produce as many tons of load as possible……
Lieutenant Colonel Liu took the lead,Hurriedly asked Wang Dazhi:“But Mr. Wang,‘Aerial crane’But two4500Turboshaft engine,Does your group or even our country have such a powerful turboshaft engine??”
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“You are talking about,Our COMAC does not4000Turboshaft engine,”Meet Lieutenant Colonel Liu、Captain Li and Lieutenant Colonel Chu’s suspicious look,Wang Dazhi nodded calmly,And then asked:“But you probably haven’t seen our group submitGThe feasibility report commissioned?”
There is also a feasibility report?
Three of you look at me、I see you,Suddenly a little confused。
Watching Captain Lee、Lieutenant Colonel Chu and Lieutenant Colonel Liu looked confused,Wang Dazhi laughed immediately:“It seems that you have never read the report,Let me explain to you,I told you just now,Mr. Victor thinks right‘Aerial crane’There is no difficulty in replicating the fuselage,The next problem is the power system、Traditional system and rotor system。
Power system,Our COMAC does not4000Turboshaft engine,But we have vortex shafts-2000what,Scroll shaft-2000The maximum emergency power is2250Shaft horsepower,use4Vortex shaft-2000,Also have8000Maximum normal power of shaft horsepower。
Captain Li, you should know,‘Aerial crane’Although it claims to use two4500Turboshaft engine,But the performance of the main reducer of this helicopter is limited,Maximum limit input power only6600Shaft horsepower,and so4Vortex shaft-2000enough。”