A man in uniform walked into the cabin,Look around,No suspicious items found,Stopped acting。

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Finally came a team of experts and scholars,After a brief research,It’s probably a strange species,Calling a crane will have research value“UFO”Transport away。
Tian Lu’s unnecessary worry is relieved,I hope no one will trouble her。
Tian Lu turned her face to ask for help“That person”:“These people are going to take your belongings away,You are not going to stop them?”
“That person”Shook his head,Silently walked to the coffee table,Pick up the cylindrical ironware,Shook in front of her,Then pinch。
Tian Lu asked curiously:“Is this ironware important?Is something like a computer host,Is it an important part of the core chip class?,Or something else?”
“That person”Slowly spit out two inaccurate Chinese characters:“core~sheet!”
Tian Lu understands a rough idea,She knows the importance of chips to an object,No chip,“UFO”Like a pile of scrap iron。
The person in front of you is not an ordinary person after all,Is he really an alien??This must be asked clearly。
Tian Lu cleared her throat,Point to the sky,Asked:“You are an alien?”
“That person”Nodded。
Tian Lu asked curiously:“How do you look like us on earth?”
When asking this,Thought,Not all aliens in books have weird and big eyes、Hideous??Why he looks the same as us,In human terms,He’s a handsome guy,Which country and planet is this from??”
Tian Lu calms down,Asked dumbly:“Look handsome at you,I won’t care about the previous things,what’s your name?”
“That person”Smiled with kind eyes,Not talking。