Jotson heard this,It’s a bitter smile in my heart。

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before this,He thought it was a big deal,Dare to tell the truth,In fact, he was rejected by Chen Geng,I said a few angry words after being rejected,Then I learned that my angry words might be monitored,So scared,Then I came to ask myself for help。
This help,Make Jottson embarrassed to accept George·Zoli’s money……
“Mr. Zoli,Let me say that,”Jotson was dumbfounded to George·Zoli says:“I know Fernandez quickly20Years old,Situation like you,I have seen a lot in Fernandez,usually,As long as you do nothing,Fernandez doesn’t care about you,In his own words,Just‘I can’t afford to lose this person’,So don’t worry,As long as you don’t do stupid things,There will be no problems。”
Finished,Jottson has a bite,Then said:“I won’t charge you for this consultation。”
But unexpectedly,When Qiao Tesen just said this situation, he saw a lot of Chen Geng.、As long as there is no actual action, Chen Geng usually doesn’t make a calculation,George·Zoli is still dubious about Jortson’s words,But then I heard Qiao Tesen said no consultation fee,George·Zoli was terrified instantly,Begging for Jottson’s help,He doesn’t want to die。
50Ten thousand U.S. dollars,Not a small number,But George·Zoli is particularly happy,After getting the affirmation of Jotson“As long as you don’t do stupid things,I promise Fernandez will never trouble you”After the reply,George·Zoli said nothing,Signed one50Ten thousand dollar check。
First1455chapter Disintegration
As of the first half of this year,ebayI already received it3.6Billion dollars in sales,Average monthly sales have jumped from the previous barely over ten million dollars0.5Billion dollar level。
The most important thing is growth momentum,From the first month of the new year3000Monthly sales in the first ten thousand dollars,To6Of the month8000Ten thousand U.S. dollars,eBayLike a plane off the ground、The meter with the afterburner opened and the throttle valve fully opened-31fighter,Constant acceleration、Accelerate and accelerate!
the most important is,eBayThe growth momentum has not slowed down,Instead, with the popularity of network technology and personal computers, it has been accelerating。
right now,Not to mention those sharp-eyed investment institutions,Even ordinary netizens,Just knowebayUnlimited development,And most importantly,So far,ebayNot even a round of financing、Not listed!
This is terrible。
right now,Whether it is an investment institution or a netizen,The biggest expectation iseBayListing,Both investment institutions and netizens are extremely affirmed,As long as you can buyeBayStocks,Your own wealth will rise in value。
And since ordinary netizens can seeeBayThe future is limitless,ThenFedEx、USPS、UPSThese threeeBayOf courier companies can also see it naturally,The management of the three express companies are extremely convinced,Let’s not say whether to holdeBayStock matter,Just be yourselfeBayThe news of the exclusive cooperative express company is released,My company’s stock price will surely usher in a wave of growth,And if you can investeBay……
Chen Geng nodded,Significant Tao:“These guys,It’s really a good calculation……”
“Yes,”Steve·Ballmer nodded:“These guys,Already eyeingeBayThis piece of fat。”