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Steve·Ballmer reacted at once:Such things as lucky customers……Hi!Isn’t that the case?,Everyone understands。
It’s Jenny,Then said:“But our big boss is the richest man,Can’t be too greeting,My opinion is,One person with a purchase amount of more than US$10,000,3The consumption amount is in2000USD to10000Between dollars,leftover6Places,The amount of consumption is1000Under U.S. dollar,I just don’t know Mr. Fernandez’s side……”
The more I think about it, the more I feel that this promotion plan and publicity plan is simply perfect.·Ballmer,Interrupting Jenny:“Mr. Fernandez,I’ll talk,Ok……I can followbossSay something,See if you can increase the quota。”
Why increase the quota?
Of course it’s because the larger the quota, the more news、More sensational,If there is a guy inebayBought on50Ten thousand dollar stuff,And this guy was very lucky to be drawn,become[ fo]This time“You consume,Mr. Fernandez pays”of“champion”,What big news should this be?
As long as we cooperate with proper promotion,This is definitely a sensational news,Ok,At least it will be a sensation on the Internet。
Don’t talk about online media at that time,Traditional media will also interview this lucky guy,This way,ebayDon’t you just hit the popularity of?
at this point,Steve·Ballmer understands,Jenny naturally understands,She nodded repeatedly:“in casebossCan agree,Then the best。”
Since both of you think this method is good,Steve·Ballmer then consulted Chen Geng by phone,For Steve·Ballmer and Jenny came up with this method,Chen Ceng strongly supports:Isn’t it just paying??buy!
He knows too well,Every penny I spend now,In the future, I will earn it back hundreds of times。
With Chen Geng’s permission,Steve·Ballmer acted immediately with Jenny,A series of propaganda methods were quickly introduced。
And among these propaganda methods,Yaho!versuseBayCooperation produced excellent、Even Steve·Ballmer didn’t even think of the chemical reaction:inebayOf promotional ads officially appeared onyaho!First day on search,ebayThe number of website visits and the number of newly registered users has increased significantly,And in the next few days,Both the number of visits and the number of new users have maintained a steady growth trend。
at the same time,As part of the promotion,Major websites are also starting toebayThis time“6·6Online shopping carnival”as well as“You consume,Fernandez·Mr. Chen pays”Give a lot of coverage,On major forums,Under the rhythm of the caring people,on6month6DailyeBayDiscussions on the online shopping carnival have also begun to heat up——This year,The life of the online media is called a miserable,It’s incomparable to the traditional media that has a taste for small lives,To eat,These emerging media、The emerging network platform really doesn’t even have a face。
In the United States, a highly developed country,yaho!This brand new advertising model was immediately noticed,After some analysis,They found,Compared to traditional media,yaho!The coverage and audience is actually not low,More than every day1500Million visits,Means that the user has opened at least1500Million timesyaho!’S page,Which means,ebayThis ad of at least reaches millions of people every day。