Willow laughed loudly,That uncontrollable laughter,It’s so harsh in a small car,Those eyes bloodshot from anger,Shine,Look straight into his heart,The darkness and shamelessness inside!

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Huo Yun and his jaw bite tightly,The bones of the big hand holding the steering wheel are white,Try to control yourself not to look at the abnormal women around you,The car quickly drove towards Anbang Hospital,Qi Zhenbang who was waiting there directly ordered,“check,Remove the child!”
Qi Zhenbang is dumbfounded,I thought Ersao had a baby,They want to continue,Who knew I heard such an order。
Is this going to break the mirror,Still break completely?
Take a look at the determined second brother,Look at the numb and unresponsive willow,Obviously the opinions are not unified。
As a qualified obstetrician and gynecologist,Qi Zhenbang knows that a woman’s first child is very important,Second brother is always safe,But the last two,Too impulsive。
“Second brother,If you don’t keep the first child,It will affect future fertility,You have to think carefully。”
“Where is so much nonsense,Do whatever you want!”
Kindly be bitten by the second brother,Qi Zhenbang really wants to go back,But he knows his temper,To be honest,Let’s do Yangliu’s job。
“Ersao,Have you really considered it??I feel you still want this kid,Don’t be impulsive,Baby is an angel,Will bring you endless joy,You’d better discuss it with your second brother。”
Even an outsider knows to cherish her baby,But his father refused to ask him,As the mother who should protect him most,She has no ability to protect。
Since I knew I was pregnant,Just looking forward to the birth of the child,Looks like dad,Still like mother,Is as cold as him,Still as unpleasant as her。
Mother told her,Those who love to laugh are not too bad luck,Pregnant woman feels better,Baby will be healthy,Will grow up carefree。