It’s not that she wants to see someone unlucky,It’s just that her job is like this,This is the news she wants。

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Captain Wang played a role:“There is a problem with Gus’ accounts,And there are too many types of accounts,We have to seal up first,Bring back to the game,Find out where each problem lies!”
Today’s purpose is to let these certified public accountants find out the problems of these companies,He can handle the follow-up questions by himself。
Then he called the director,Reported the relevant situation。
After hung up,He said to everyone:“We go to the next。”
He left two colleagues to seal up the ledger,Walking out of the finance room of Gus with foreign aid from certified public accountants,The beauty reporter keeps up。
Provincial TV Station Director’s Office。
The director watched the live report,Laughing and slammed the table:“This is the news that should be reported!Take a look,This is the accounts of local enterprises。”
“duplicity,Look neat,It’s actually chaotic,Scam moneyhThe head of the country!”
Mr. Director due to excessive force,Caused the new teacup that the assistant replaced him to fall to the ground with a bang,Broken one more。
but it does not matter,He is willing,The sound you hear is different,Comfortable。
He believes,This time the provincial supervisor should be satisfied。
Everyone here sees this,All asked to go out to avoid the wind
head,However, not long after they left,The economic investigation department came over and said to look for Ge Bin。