Now,Lin Yoona is very concerned about meeting such a girl,I really feel quite surprised,Because today’s society,Every household is a child,and so,The people in the family treat them really spoiled,It’s more of a thoughtful love,so,Like a motivated girl like Qiao Si,Lin Yoona really likes it。

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Lin Yoona came to Qiao Si and they knocked on the door after they came in one after another.,Then I walked to Qiao Si。
Tell her:“Joe Si,I’ll be with you about the design of the school for a while。we。Discuss,Go to Ms. Bai’s office in a while。”
Joe Si says:“Row,I got it, Yoona.,I’ll talk to our director later,I’ll find you。”
Lin Yuna said:“it is good,I’m going to find Lin Yue and Qi Fei。Then you can go directly to Sister Bai’s office in a while。Sister Bai is in the office。”
Qiao Si put one to Lin YoonaokGesture,Then my daughter left to design one。
Qiao Si went to report to the director of their first department,He’s going to work in Baiqi’s office。Then he left his office and went to Baiqi’s place。
Lin Yuner came to Lin Yue and Qi Fei again,Both of them。College students who have recently graduated have just passed the internship period here。
This time?Lin Yun didn’t know if it was the firefighting arrangement,Anyway, give them a lot of opportunities for these new forces。
So that they can fully demonstrate their strength,It turns out that they are really excellent。
Lin Yuner found Lin Yue and Qi Fei, they are in the same department,Then they greeted the leader and followed Lin Yuner in the office。
At this moment。Xiao Si is already in the office。After Lin Yuna went out,,He also deliberately went outside and brought two chairs over。
So the five of them also made a mistake sitting here,You can sit and drive if you have more。
Lin Yue and Qi Fei greeted Bai Qi very politely as soon as they arrived at Bai Qi’s office。
After all, Baiqi is the director of the second department. It should be better than them.“Older generation”Bar,So they have always respected White。
At this time, White said to them:“Don’t make me look like the elders from your family。Although we say I am so much older than you。”
“But we can be considered peers,No need to。”The two of them looked at each other,And then said embarrassingly:“it is good,Got it,Sister Bai。”
Then White said:“Let’s start now!Here is the internal design of our school,Our first draft has been finalized,But it needs to be refined。”
The other four people listened attentively to what Bai Jie said,They are studying together。
In Xiao Fan’s office。