“But,Even if I have a brother-in-law。I won’t be so tired and crooked like you two。Absolutely impossible。”

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Lin Yuner glanced at Baiqi,“Tut tut,hope so,I might visit you then,Tired and crooked than us,Still talking about me?”
Baiqi said:“Definitely not just all day。Under the infection of you two,I will not make the person next to me feel uncomfortable in the future,I would never do this,Do not worry!”
Lin Yuna said:“Well,Sister Bai,You hurry up to me。Find a brother-in-law to show me。Don’t be like then?Don’t forget what you said to me today。”
Baiqi said“。Don’t change the subject for me here,I’m obviously talking about how the matter between you and Xiao Fan got on me?”
“I’m not married。I’ll talk about what I’m looking for with my boyfriend!Not in a hurry,Sister’s。Now it’s in my youth。”
“I can’t do well,I have been free and crazy for years。Who is like you?”
Lin Yuna said:“What’s wrong with me?Met the right person,I want to be together forever,What’s wrong?”
“Your idea is wrong,If you meet the right one, you should get caught earlier。”
“Otherwise, let Lin Yuna take the lead and take it for you,But what should I do??You regret that no one takes care of you。”
Baiqi said:“Don’t tell me,I really haven’t met the kind of person who can rely on me for a lifetime,How can you have such a good person as President Xiao?。”
Lin Yoona said with a smile:“That’s someone as good as our firefighter,Really rare。”
“Yo yo yo,I will give you a shot,You still climbed up along the way,Really know。Not modest at all。”Baiqi said。
Lin Yuna said:“What’s so humble about this,This is the truth,This can only show that I am honest。”
Baiqi said:“But they will do it as soon as he says,Stop quarreling with you,Look at the information。”
“Do you know when the work will start??Give an accurate date,At that time, our work here must also be arranged。”
Lin Yuna said:“There is no exact date,But soon,Let me ask Xiao Fan when I have lunch today!”
“At first it was about a week,Didn’t our design department take a week off,I thought I could start work as soon as I came back,But I haven’t heard。”
“Maybe it will take a few days,Nothing,I will ask at noon today。I’ll tell you then。”
Baiqi said:“That line。I really worked hard,Not only busy。I have to go to the design school for the company’s affairs。”