Xia Chenglong sighed heavily at this time,Although things seem clear,But it’s just what it looks like,Now this kind of thing on the southwest border,Still foggy。

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Xia Chenglong still doesn’t know what to do at this time,What’s happening right now suddenly becomes so confusing,Just overnight,So many things happened,For a while, he was really a little confused。
And this time,In a cave,In front of a spar,Standing in front of that spar is Hua Qianjue,And the demon king happened to be thrown into the air。
At this time, Hua Qianjue looked at the devil with respect。
“Greetings to Lord Demon,Sung-an, Lord Demon Lord。”
“No need so much,How things are going?”
“Is such a demon lord,Xia Chenglong is too suspicious,Too cautious,So I can only sacrifice our chess piece,But the current situation still doesn’t look too good,But I believe he believes me now!”
The devil nodded gently:“This time our loss is so heavy,All the chess pieces buried in the army of Great China,Except you,Basically have been dug out,If this thing is not successful,So it is definitely a great loss for us。”
“Sir, rest assured,This time I am confident that I can take Xia Chenglong’s head back to see you,The eternal lore among our konjac,You must be ready!”
The devil nodded:“This tomb for Xia Chenglong and the real dragon,Naturally it has already been dug,Now I am waiting for you to bring them in!”
At this time, Hua Qianjue respectfully saluted the Demon King:“Adults rest assured,I will lead him there in the next few days,At that time, let him be a strong man in the concentrating state,There is only a dead end after entering!”
“it is good,I am waiting for your triumph in the Demon Realm!”
And at this moment in the Demon Realm,After the demon lord finished talking with Hua Qianjue。