Master Xiao Wang is still standing,A triumphant smile appeared on his face。

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He’s just such a scheming,The villain who has a grudge,As long as Jihu can be embarrassed,Avenged the revenge of the year,He doesn’t care what others think of him!
at this time,Lu Menglin didn’t get up,But in front of everyone,Slowly took out a guest card from his pocket,Silently placed on the table。
Those two staff members took a look,What they took out is indeed the guest card,Back off immediately。
Who wants to offend people without complaint?!Now they have the certificate,It’s in compliance with the rules,Who cares how old he is!
Ji Hu took a look at this guest card,That old face immediately burst into laughter。
Master Xiao Wang also saw the crumpled guest card,Just stare at me。
“This,This is too unscientific!His certificate is false!Must be fake!Or stole someone else’s guest card!Who will check it out?Check!”Master Xiao Wang is furious,Yelled。
Although he is yelling,But no one will be full,To do this thankless thing。
“Fuck me!Don’t fucking be too much!I have endured you for a long time!Force again,Fuck you!”Ji Hu, the black-faced uncle, is really impatient,I just stood up and yelled。
He was still holding a trace of luck before,I thought Master Xiao Wang might be able to read some old love,As long as the family is exhausted,Maybe you can help the publisher。
But now he can see clearly,This dog day is too small,Not even let go of an irrelevant bystander,I can’t expect the other person to show kindness。
Ji Hu pointed his nose and cursed,On the contrary, he suppressed Master Xiao Wang。
After all, this black-faced man can be considered a big waist,Really want to start in public,You must be the one who suffers。