Just like they treated the refugees outside the hunting ring before,As a higher level person,Don’t care about the life and death of those refugees,And in the eyes of these big people in the inner circle,Lord of Chaos Circle,The status is not necessarily higher than that of the refugees!

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In their perception,These are all objects that can be killed,Anyway, the population base of Chaos Circle is so large,So many families,Just plant a puppet to be the master of the country?
The big names in the inner circle,Maybe he’s not even interested in puppet manipulation,They just need chaos circle,To communicate with these country owners,Give orders,Anyone who does not obey the order of the core circle,Has long since disappeared in the long river of history,Never mentioned。
The first thousand three hundred and three chapters Split the army
“I object!”Just in Song Qingming,When I thought I was going to die,A sound broke the zombie in time,Spread to everyone’s ears。
but,When Song Qingming looked up in surprise,When looking at the source of that sound,But suddenly froze in place。
Not only him,But everyone present,Including several country leaders and their cronies,All froze on the spot。
Because the one who spoke out against,Not someone else,It is Wu Hao himself。
Even the mysterious woman in white was also surprised,Slightly frowning,Inexplicable question:“you?Why oppose!”
Lu Menglin smiled slightly,Said:“The enemy is currently,Now it’s time to hire people,Although Yu Songguo is weak,But there are always three points,It’s no good to kill him,I have to bother to manage there,It’s better to leave his life,Let’s take a look at the performance afterwards!”
The woman in white thought about it,Nodded unexpectedly,Tao:“Ok,You make a lot of sense!Since he has been handed over to you,Then you can do whatever you want!Do as you say!”
This remark,Everyone was relieved immediately,This life of the Lord Yusong,I finally slipped through the ghost gate,Picked it back again。
but,They also told Wu Hao and others,More fearful。I didn’t expect this big man in the inner circle to listen to him so much,Everyone’s life will be sad from now on。