As expected,Steve·Ballmer andFedEx、UPSas well asUSPSThe first round of communication collapsed。

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FedEx、UPSas well asUSPSTotally disagree with Steve·Ballmer’s conditions,ClaimebayMust sign an exclusive cooperation agreement with three express companies,Maybe even Steve·Ballmer reminded three express companies,After this negotiation,The negotiators of the three express companies even added a new condition,Ie requesteBayPrior to listing, the three express companies must be given a certain priority to purchase shares。
PS:Brothers sorry,Please wait a few minutes。
Victor·Vladimilovich·Kapalya just substantiated what Chen Geng said in his mind,I immediately found that Chen Geng was right,If the engine nacelle has been kept level、But only the rotor is tilted horizontally and vertically,It is indeed the best result for combat aircraft——And in the future,The biggest user of tiltrotor aircraft must also be the military——He immediately nodded happily:“OK,boss,Just do as you said!”
I was so excited,Victor·Vladimilovich·Kapaa finished,I can’t hold back my mood anymore,He immediately bid farewell to Wang Dazhi and Chen Geng。
Victor·Vladimilovich·Kapaa is gone,Wang Dazhi can’t help it anymore:“Chen Dong,Are you very optimistic about the tiltrotor?”
Of course Wang Dazhi can see it,Chen Geng now lets Victor·Vladimilovich·Made by kapaya,It’s completely groping for the aerodynamic characteristics of a special aircraft such as a tiltrotor.,And his previous statement is enough to show how much he attaches importance to this new aircraft。
Chen Geng thought for a while,Said:“Pharaoh,Let me tell you that,Tilt rotor aircraft is the future,We are now slowly accumulating technology,It is possible to not be left behind in the future。”
Is it the future?
First1458chapter He is the rule
When Chen Geng really planned to get someone,Things become simple,Few days,The most among the three express companieseBayFedEx with the toughest attitudeFedExrepresentative,Just suckingDWas caught by the police when。
In the U.S,SuckDIt’s not a big crime,ifDThe toxicity of hemp is not that strongDProduct,Under normal circumstances, the punishment measures are very slight,It is nothing more than a fine plus a certain number of hours of community work,But if there are0.5Kilograms of unknown originDhemp,That’s different……
of course,UPSwithUSPS’S representative doesn’t know,They are just curious,Federal ExpressFedExWhy didn’t the representative come today?
Steve·Ballmer is happy,He smiled:“Mr. Nicholas is still at the police station,He probably can’t come today。”
UPSJustin·Anderson’s face changed,Asked quickly:“Mr. Ballmer,What do you mean?”
“do not you know?”Steve·Ballmer was surprised:“Just last night,Mr. Nicholas was arrested by the police,The charge isXpoison,Ok,The police also found at the scene0.5KilogramM……”
All foxes for years,Who doesn’t understand what’s going on?UPSJustin·Anderson andUSPSChris·Chandler’s face changed all the same:If this matter is related toeBayAnd Steve·Ballmer is okay,They didn’t believe it first!