Master Feng laughed secretly,Think:You are also scared by this little monster this time?

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but,This is just an appetizer,Waiting for you to see Xiao Huna calligraphy,It’s not that the eyeballs all fall off?Although Liu Yong’s calligraphy is good,But he admires Su Shi more。
Calligraphy and painting,Su Shi’s position is better than Liu Yong。
You just learned more than 80% of Liu Yong’s essence,Compared with Xiao Hu,Still a lot worse。According to Master Feng,Populus has achieved more than 90%。
This difficulty,It’s not simply 90% minus 80%。To know,To the back,The harder it is to learn,The harder to imitate。
not to mention,Xiao Hu is so young,There is still room for progress,Not like you old guy,People who are going to report,Is there still room for improvement?
Master Feng smiled:“Xiao Hu,That is his own work。”
As soon as this word comes out,Hu Yang and Hua Tsai looked at Father Zhang Zuo in surprise。The audience in the live room was equally surprised,Shout:The master is in the folk!
Who ever thought,An ordinary retired old man,Calligraphy skills are already so awesome?
Brother Hu said just now,Just from calligraphy,Almost the same as Liu Yong’s handwriting,That’s pretty amazing, OK??How many people specialize in calligraphy,Can’t do that。
Such words,Then the one next to it,It should also be the work of Mr. Zhang Zuo。
really,I heard Master Feng then revealed:“The one beside,He did it out of his spare time。”
Hu Yang watched for a while,frown:“This work,From the perspective of style,Is the work of Tiebao,Has the style of famous Jin and Tang Dynasties,And natural and innocent pen and ink。
This one,Not like copying,Authentic?”
Tiebao is a Manchurian,Hu Yang quite likes this calligrapher,Among the banner people,First calligrapher。
this person,I love calligraphy very much,This can be seen in one of his poems:“The smearing habit is hard to get rid of,Everyone else laughs,His children and grandchildren search for paintings,Leave no gold coins but keep the book。”
Although it has been at the top,But he only wants to leave to his children and grandchildren is his calligraphy。