Qiao Jingren said to him:“I didn’t mention it to you because of our previous working relationship.,But now that this relationship is over,Then I can formally confess。”

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Qiao Jingren looked at Shen Han,Said solemnly:“Mr. Shen,I like you very much,Hope you think about staying with me。”
Shen Han panicked,Still a little flattered,Subconsciously:“Mr. Joe,I……”
Qiao Jingren interrupted him,“Don’t refuse me so quickly。”
“Actually for this relationship,The environment in Hong Kong should be more forgiving,It is also common for two men to be together。And you are very good with Xinxin,If we form a family together,Our family of three,I believe Xinxin will be very happy too。”
Shen Han had to admit,When Qiao Jingren mentioned“a family of three”A moment,He is really tempted。Shen Han has never experienced the warmth of family,Naturally, I am particularly eager for it。
But he finally shook his head,“Mr joe sorry,I don’t want to think about these things。”
Qiao Jingren says:“It’s ok,I can wait。”
“Mr. Joe……”
Qiao Jingren didn’t let him continue,“Shen Han,Think again。I have a company in Austria,Wait for you to go there,We still have a chance to meet again。”
Shen Han was a little absent-minded all the way away from Qiao’s house,Even if Qiao Jingren asked him to think again,He thinks he will still refuse,Because he can’t imagine himself living with others。
When Shen Han just got home,Huo Rongxuan received another restaurant for dinner。
Huo Rongxuan has something in his heart,I didn’t notice that Shen Han was wandering,Ask him without words:“What did you do just now?”
Shen Han only said two words,“Tutor。”
Huo Rongxuan’s brows frowned again,“It’s not a serious job,Why are you doing it forever?。”
Shen Han lowered his head and put a piece of braised pork in his mouth,“No longer do,Last time today。”