Those three young men were so angry,Someone shouted at the scene:“Is your kid looking for death??Let them go!Be careful to kill you!”

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When Wang Shaoxiao heard this,,Yelled immediately:“what?What is your business with my wife??You want to kill me?Who are you?Could it be that she is your wife?You said I slept with your wife,Is there evidence?”
What the fat guy is messing with,The melon-eating crowds all around laughed。
In fact, someone with a discerning eye can see it,That girl may not have anything to do with this fat man,And those three obviously belong to the girl。
“There is evidence!I have evidence here!”Among the crowd,Lu Menglin’s clear voice came。
The crowd separated in an uproar,Lu Menglin walked in with a smile,Show the four photos in your hand to the crowd of onlookers。
Clearly on the photo,This girl is intimate with the fat man,All kinds of sweetness for lovers,Inadvertently sprinkled a circle of dog food。
text Chapter Two Hundred and Thirty Three Earth Snake
“Oh!”Many people in the crowd saw these photos,Have a soft voice。
The wind direction changed immediately!
When Wang Shaoxiao saw Lu Menglin appeared,My heart suddenly settled,I even raised my voice a lot。
“Do you see it?Do you see it!This is the evidence!She is my girlfriend,What does it matter to you?Go away for Laozi!”
The arrogant appearance of the little fat man,But annoyed the three young people。
People have photos as proof,Don’t say that passers-by dare not to be nosy,Even if the police uncle came, he probably didn’t withdraw!
Two of the three young men exchanged glances,At the same time rushed towards Wang Shaoxiao from both sides。
“Beat you up!”
“kill him!”The two yelled out in unison,Punch and hit。