The three of us and our mother came to the hospital early,Godmother is awake。

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Zhang Meng came earlier,Bring Gao Gao to chat with the old lady in a low voice。
The old lady is in better condition than yesterday,It seems that there are really no sequelae。
At least speak clearly,And the response is quick。
I just don’t know if the legs and feet are as flexible as before!
The doctor said yesterday,It’s good to see the legs and feet reflexes,Don’t feel any problems。
I hope everything goes in a good direction!
Godmother’s family is here,I am very happy to see that the old lady is fine。
A few people came from abroad in the early morning and morning,Looks a little tired!
Seeing the old lady in such a good state,Everyone is very happy。
have to say,Godmother’s family is really united and close,And they are very self-cultivating。
Are also capable people!
Godmother praised me,Let the people over there have a better impression of me。
When godmother was chatting with some old ladies,I just chatted with some men。
Everyone is familiar with me,After all, I am a hot search in China,Occasionally, the host of Shanghai overseas hot search。