Steve·Ballmer nodded,He knows very well,Your boss is not trying to interfere with your rights as CEO,But because he really takes this matter very seriously。

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In addition,Steve·Ballmer is really curious,whenFedEx、UPSas well asUSPSAfter the representatives of the three express companies knew their decision,What look on their faces?
this moment,Steve·Ballmer suddenly found that he was looking forward to it。
FedEx、UPSas well asUSPSWhat is the expression on the representative’s face,Chen Geng doesn’t know,But when Chen Geng knew that the scroll-1500Passed the first stage30When testing continuously for hours,Still very happy,After asking Wang Dazhi whether the rewards for the entire team were issued in time,Chen Geng’s heart suddenly moved,To Victor who participated in the report together·Vladimilovich·Asked Capaya:“Victor,Next, in addition to doing straight-10BOutside,Are you interested in making a new toy?”
“new toy?”Victor·Vladimilovich·Capaya asked curiously:“What new toy?”
“Are you interested in making a tiltrotor??”
“Tiltrotor?”Victor·Vladimilovich·Kapalya’s interest was instantly aroused by Chen Geng,There is obviously excitement in his tone:“Similar to AmericanV-22‘osprey’Kind of?”
“Yes,Similar toV-22‘osprey’Kind of,”Chen Geng gave Victor·Vladimilovich·Kapaa answered yes:“how about it,Are you interested?”
Are you interested?
Of course interested!
For Victor·Vladimilovich·For Capaya,Whether it is the heavy-duty Wuzhi that COMAC will do next、General transport helicopter is still straight-10B,In the final analysis, it is still a traditional helicopter type,And design a similar to the United StatesV-22“osprey”This new type of hybrid of the characteristics of traditional helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft“Crossover”aircraft,For Victor·Vladimilovich·For Kapaya, a world-class helicopter designer,Allure,Simply indescribable。
“Of course interested!”
Victor·Vladimilovich·Capaya said without hesitation:“If I could see one before I retire‘Osprey’Born in my hands,I can retire happily,butboss,What you said is true?Not kidding me?”
Don’t blame Victor·Vladimilovich·Capaya thinks Chen Geng is joking with him,Although he has never touchedV-22“osprey”Tiltrotor,butV-22“osprey”Tilt rotor aircraft as an in80Since the beginning of the decade、80Projects officially approved in the middle of the decade,How could the Soviet Union not always pay close attention to and follow?
To know,Regarding the military competition between the United States and the Soviet Union during the Cold War,A good joke:The President of the United States asked his secretary to coat his toilet with gold,The Soviet Union immediately asked for their totalSHURemember to change a pure gold toilet——Must be pure gold,The gilded one can’t afford to lose that person!