Thinking of the seat under my butt, I even hired an ergonomics expert、Invited computer experts from data research companies to design,Donald suddenly felt that the seat underneath his ass was beginning to rise up。

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at the same time,He subconsciously turned his head a few times,But I was surprised to find that it is no different from what Eliza said,This seat supports the parts in contact with your body very well,Comfortable。
Donald said with emotion:“This is really amazing,High-tech is really amazing。”
“Yes,Just like oursbossAs said,Technology is changing our lives。”
Alyssa brought Chen Geng’s famous saying without a teacher.,At the same time, pull down the backrest that should be the middle seat of the second row,In this way, the backrest becomes a large and soft armrest,Then lift up a beautifully processed peach wood cover on the armrest,More than ten buttons under the cover are exposed。
Looking at the densely packed buttons,Donald’s eyes are straight:in30Years later,This densely packed button is behind、Symbol of outdated,But in this age,This densely packed electronic buttons means high-tech!
Mr. Donald even saw a long LCD screen at the front,Really……It’s amazing,It looks very high-tech!
He even kind of put himself in《Knight Rider》The Pontiac that looks like a future high-tech product·The feeling in the cockpit of the Firebird sports car。
“You see,This is the seat ventilation function,There are three adjustable,In the hot summer,You turn on the air conditioner、Turn on seat ventilation,How comfortable it will be?;
These are the sound adjustment functions,Just forgot to introduce to you,Our car has something unmatched by any model today、Super luxurious sound system,This sound system consists of one that can play continuously6ZhangCDHost of discs and a tape、A high-power amplifier and17onlyboseSpeaker composition,And the experts from Dolby Laboratories personally helped design and adjust,It’s completely moved the concert hall into your car;
This is the seat heating function,Mr. Donald, you are a man of identity,You should have owned many cars,Knowing how frustrating it is to get on the bus in the cold winter,But with the seat heating function,Your driver can help you turn on the seat heating first,When you get in the car……You must understand……
These are air conditioning adjustment functions,How much wind do you want from the air conditioner、What song do you want to listen to,Fully controlled by you in your car,This is an exclusive car specially designed for you……
This is the front and rear adjustment function of the seat,This is the raising and lowering function of the leg rest,This is the seat massage function,You can see that after a busy day,Adjust the co-pilot to the front,Then put the seat half-lying、Listening to your favorite music、Open seat massage,Take a good break,Trust me,There is no better time than this……”
before this,There has never been a car so designed around the most distinguished owner in the back seat,Even Cadillac、Even Lincoln,I have never considered the owner in the back seat so intimately,But now,Seeing this car almost got into my head、A car that realizes all the functions you can think of and what you didn’t think of for a car,Donald’s eyes are so bright it’s scary,I just feel that every design of this car is so intimate。
Donald’s last doubt now,Is the chassis quality of this car、How about mechanical quality and quietness。
This is certainly not a problem,Alyssa immediately arranged a test drive for Donald,It is different from a short-distance test drive of only a few kilometers,This test drive has a long mileage20Kilometer,The car even ran to it once80mile(128Kilometer)Speed,But even at such a high speed,The cabin is still quiet like in my own bedroom。
Donald was surprised by the comfort of this car、The tranquility and the mechanical qualities shown are deeply impressed,I haven’t even waited to return to the store,He asked Alisha impatiently:“Miss Alisa,What are the discounts for buying a car now?If you have enough discount,I will seriously consider,You know,you guysLexusIt’s a brand new brand after all……Lincoln、Comparing Cadillac and Mercedes-Benz……Ok,Believe you understand what i mean……”
“Sorry Mr. Donald,”Alisha didn’t give Donald a chance,Follow what the trainer said,She knows very well,When Donald said this,,It means he has made a choice,Make an apologetic smile just right,Alisha says:“weLexusThe sincerity to customers has been fully reflected in the price、Configure the above,Same price,Even if you look at the world, you can’t buy a car that is so quiet、A luxury car with such a large interior space,Not to mention such a rich and high-end configuration……”