Chapter six hundred and fifty four Lost

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Lu Menglin subconsciously took a step to the left,Trying to avoid the sharp edge of this big iron pillar。
How do you know that A Jianglong changes his skills faster,Changed to sweep,Forcing Lu Menglin to block。
Bang!This extremely heavy iron pillar hit Lu Menglin’s elbow,Made a muffled sound like an iron。
Lu Menglin shook his body,But I was a little surprised。
Because of the impact just now,Although I broke out and carried it hard,But almost used the wrong force,Because of the power transmitted from the big iron pillar of the opponent,Not as strong as I thought,It makes myself extremely uncomfortable。
Could it be that Ah Jianglong’s strength has reached this level?Lift weights lightly,Change strength at any time,That’s why I let myself make a mistake?
Lu Menglin shouted,Struggling,Eruption of internal strength,Smashed that big iron pillar abruptly,Fear the cat,Suddenly got into A Jianglong’s arms。
Bang!Bang!Bang!Lu Menglin’s swift and terrifying cat fist,Attacking A Jianglong’s body with 16 key points,Play fast,Catch the opponent off guard。
Compared with the swiftness of the cat’s fist,The big iron pillar in the opponent’s hand is obviously too clumsy,There is no time to defend。
A Jianglong repeatedly hits,Be beaten up and down,Stagger all the way back。
Lu Menglin rushed forward,One claw slapped A Jianglong’s Sky Spirit cover,Blast him directly on the ground。
Something happened!When A Jianglong’s body touched the ground,Desertification,Turned into a handful of yellow sand,Dissipated in the invisible。
Lu Menglin was even more surprised,Although the blow was not bad,But there is no reason to beat Ah Jianglong into a pile of sand?
What the hell is going on?
Instant time,A triumphant voice came across from Lu Menglin:“Did you play well??You just hit,Hit hard!Those who can’t kill me,Will eventually make me stronger!”