I heard this question from Chen Geng,Alexei didn’t feel the slightest anger,It’s a joy。

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First1525chapter Chen Geng’s sincerity(Bros,《Power overlord》Ask for support)
Why Yixi?
Because Alexei thought in his heart,Chen Geng has seriously considered this issue,Will fully consider the impact of public security on enterprise production,And he is definitely not thinking about this issue a day or two,If he didn’t think about it,How did you notice that Russia’s social security is terrible?
Although Comrade Vladimir did not give any instructions on this issue,But this does not prevent Alexei from answering immediately……
“Mr. Fernandez,”Looking at Chen Geng,Alexei said seriously:“Russia just established,We did not do well in some places,I believe this is something God and his elderly can understand……”
Chen Geng does not speak,Just look at Alexei:Just say。
Alexei realized it instantly,I immediately realized where I was wrong,He changed immediately:“of course,This is not why we allow these dark sides to exist,I assure you,No matter where your factory is located,Your factory will be a company that the government focused on at the time,none of them,Any criminal who dares to harass you,We will all bring them to justice!”
Chen Geng shook his head:“It’s not enough。”
Alexei is a little confused:It’s not enough?What does not mean?
Chen Geng doesn’t sell him to Alexei,Speak directly:“AMCIn Mexico、Factories in multiple countries in South America,Are allowed by these countries to have their own guards,These guards have been specially approved to possess firearms and other thermal weapons,And it is allowed to shoot first if the situation is found to be very dangerous……”
Speaking of which,Chen Geng looked at Alexei,Meaning is obvious,Can Russia give me such privileges?
Alexei frowned suddenly,Allow the factory to have its own guard team,There is nothing to say about this,in Russia,Which larger factory does not have its own guard force?Even larger shopping malls and supermarkets have their own security forces,But these security forces are allowed to hold firearms and other thermal weapons、And allow the guards to shoot first,This is more troublesome,What is a very dangerous situation?This one“Danger”How to determine?