“Ha ha,okay,Go down and get things first。Leave it to me here!Originally, I thought this barracks should be different from other barracks。Only in the morning did they send someone to blast the mercenary group,Since those people have failed,It stands to reason that Rodcha Barracks should be pursued by victory or set up traps and obstacles near the barracks to avoid retaliation.。did not expect,They didn’t do anything!”

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After listening to Qin Feng’s words,Yamucha learned that the so-called prisoner sent has two uses,One is to subdue the remaining prisoners,The other one is
To test if the people at Lodcha Barracks are prepared。
Now it seems,The people in this barracks can only be regarded as copycat bandits.,Can’t accomplish great things at all。Not even the most basic preventive mechanism。
so,Qin Feng can launch an attack on this private military camp with peace of mind。
Haven’t waited for Yamucha to leave completely,Qin Feng could not wait to launch an attack。
Because he thinks these two people are too inked,You should give them a sense of oppression when necessary。
as expected,After Qin Feng shot,Yamucha and Agai both climbed down the hillside。
As for Qin Feng,I didn’t bother to care about those two people,After all, you use cannonballs when your sniper effect cannot be fully utilized.。
And no need at all now。
Moreover, judging from the current situation,The people in the Rodcha Barracks didn’t even realize the existence of Qin Feng。
“Ha ha,I will let you see,What is it like to be stared at by a death sniper。”