Because the east and west are oceans、The North is a natural ally of the United States、South is“Hate not being a American”Chicken roll,This unique geographical structure makes the former Milligans think that their country is the least likely to be attacked by people.,They are also deeply proud of this,There are even Americans who proudly claim that Milecan is“Blessed land”,Believing that Milliken, the blessed land of God, will not be attacked at all,But now,Was attacked?

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Barry reacted·Hamp,Grabbed little John’s arm,Anxious:“You tell me clearly,what is the problem?”
He didn’t even dare to say“Are we attacked”This sentence。
“I……I do not know……”Little John’s voice was crying,The poor child,He was really frightened:“We can’t connect with the mainland at all now,We have no way to get any news……”
Barry·Hamp loosened little John’s arm weakly,There is only one thought in my head:damn it,Did the nuclear war really break out??Damn old Maozi launched a nuclear attack on America?damn it,I said those capitalists are unreliable,No way to survive for those bastards whose brains are full of muscles……
It’s little john,Catch barry·Hampoo’s arms cried:“boss,Don’t you have a satellite phone?You ask Mr. Fernandez,What happened……”
Correct,Yes indeed!
I still have a satellite phone!
At the reminder of Little John,Barry·Hampoo reacted instantly:I can also contact by satellite phoneboss,Figure out what happened,Maybe it’s not the damn old Maozi who launched a nuclear attack on us……
With a trace of luck,Barry·Hampoo dialed Chen Geng’s phone,As for whether Chen Geng can survive the first round of nuclear attacks,Barry·Hamp did not dare to think about it。
Jean Barry·Hampoo is thankful,The satellite phone was connected smoothly,This makes Barry·Hampoo breathed a sigh of relief……
“Barry,Is there a problem?”Chen Geng’s voice sounded a little puzzled:“Today is not your time to report to me, right??Or are you having trouble?”
“No no no,boss,We have no trouble,”Chen Geng’s tone was normal,Barry·Hampoo finally breathed a sigh of relief,Said quickly:“Is such that,We just lost our regular contact with the local area,Do you know what happened?Did we get attacked??”
“We were attacked。”Chen Geng lightly sighed。
Barry·Hamp slammed his mouth,The extreme horror made him unable to make a sound:Did we really get attacked??damn it,Did the third world war really break out??