He doesn’t think that ordinary people in his world can resist the invasion of the monster family,therefore,For safety reasons,He should stay in his own world honestly。

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“Have such an idea,As for how to go,When to go,What did you do,Still need to think carefully。”
“but,I won’t put myself in danger,Even with the protection of the host,,But at the moment, the host is sleeping,I can’t afford to bet,and,I can rely on,Only own power。”
“I just went to see,Sometimes,You don’t need to blindly fight and kill when you encounter things,That’s too presumptuous,Why can’t you communicate with words??Even if it’s a monster family,Everyone is loyal to the evil god。”
“Then why can’t I join the monster clan?As long as I don’t panic,Who can tell that I’m going to investigate the situation?Instead of a passing guest?”
Jingtian looked at Xin Qiji in front of him,Said in a leisurely tone,Just like the last time he impersonated a visitor from another world,As long as he disguise himself,Who knows if what he said is true or not?After all, he is the patron of the evil god。
There is a Cthulhu shelter behind,As long as you don’t take the initiative,I believe those monsters will not attack him,What’s more, the language function of the chat group allows him to communicate with all creatures normally,Even a monster,Can also communicate。
“Maybe it’s because I’m not used to seeing people being killed indiscriminately.,I am such a character,But it makes King Sedum embarrassed。”
Xin Qiji looked at the big Sedum who was planning to sneak into the monster clan to inquire about the situation.,Said with a wry smile,He doesn’t know if what he did is correct,but,This is indeed his true thoughts。
“Embarrassed is not,just,I think,If you like to be nosy,I’m afraid don’t think about the end of life,Just get ready early。”
“Causality is very troublesome,I don’t care,For the sake of all chat group members,Go play,By the way, inquire about the situation of the monster family,It’s already within my power。”
“This is what I can do to the maximum,As for wanting me to shoot?That’s really thinking too much,I am,Don’t like killing,A leisurely life is my ambition。”
Sedum leaning on a chair,Said in a leisurely tone,He said Xin Qiji is nosy,Isn’t he??But he has reason,Know what to do,What can’t be done。
It’s okay to help detect the situation of the monster clan,If you want him to shoot?That is the new group member Luo Chen is whimsical,He won’t put himself in danger,Won’t let his world be implicated by him。