Colin·Luther received Jack very warmly·Welch and Coleman·Young。

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Regardless of being the first black secretary of state in the history of Milliken,Colin·Luther was touted by the media as“Black light”,But few people realize,Colin·Luther was under pressure that all his predecessors could not imagine,And a large part of these pressures comes from your skin color,So natural,Make good jack·Welch has become a very important means to stabilize his position,Let alone with Jack·Mr. Welch came to visit his,And my cousin’s son-in-law’s uncle……Although this relationship is a bit confusing,But no doubt,Coleman·Yang’s existence,To make this meeting less formal。
at the same time,Colin·Luther is still curious:Jack·Welch find himself,What is it for?
Jack·Welch didn’t let Colin·Luther waited too long,After a few greetings,Jack·Welch explained his intentions:“Mr. Luther,This time i come to visit you,Mr. Fernandez meant,He is very grateful for your contributions to the United States in the past few years,To thank you,He decided to give you two bulletproof versionsLexusLSCar as your car。”
Colin·Luther could be appointed Secretary of State by George Jr.,Of course his brain is not stupid,In jack·Welch said that Chen Geng would sponsor one for himselfLexusLSWhen the car is your own car,He instantly understood Chen Geng’s purpose in his heart:Although I don’t know Fernandez·What is Chen going to do,butAMCThe car will never give away a car for its own use。
But he didn’t interrupt Jack·Words from Welch,But slightly nodded,Motion to Jack·Welch continued。
Jack·Welch v Colin·Luther’s response was very satisfactory,This guy is a smart guy,Then said:“Mr. Luther,You probably thought of it,Yes,weAMCReady toLexusBrand building‘Secretary of State’s Car’,of course,We won’t let you help in vain,After you retire,AMCThe automobile foundation will invite you to give a national lecture tour,No less than the number of lectures20Times,The cost of each lecture is not less than20Ten thousand U.S. dollars。”
Jack·Welch drove outAMCPlease Colin·Luther endorsement conditions,to be exact,Secretary of State Milliken forLexusConditions of endorsement。
Actually this“Cooperation”Way too common in the United States,Don’t you see in Milecan,After a certain president leaves office,We can often hear that the person published a book、News that netted tens of millions of dollars,I can often hear a former president give a speech,Get the news on how many tens of thousands of dollars in speech fees……
This is actually an American-style benefit transmission:You helped me,I just put“Thanks fee”Reasonably and legally given to you。
And without a doubt,Colin·Luther was instantly moved:After I step down from the position of Secretary of State,at least20Lecture tour,At the same time, no less than20Ten thousand dollars in lecture fees?
This is400Ten thousand dollars in endorsement fees。
Licked lips,Colin·There was a touch of greed in Luther’s eyes:“I think30A lecture tour is a good idea。”
First1565chapter Convince two big men one after another
For Colin·Luther’s Greed,Jack·Welch was not surprised at all,Old black?,It’s all like this。
He smiled at Colin·Luther nodded:“30National lecture tour?Of course, no problem,But if it is30field,Our cooperation plan needs to be revised。”
“How to modify?”
See Jack·Welch did not veto,Colin·Luther’s eyes lit up。