Makes sense!

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Words from Chevat Egarford,Made many heads hot before、Just waiting for the company to split、The executives who went public and made big money had a cool head。
I know my family’s affairs,What is the current situation of data research companies,Of course everyone knows,Although the company’s“Windows”The operating system has de facto monopolized North American personal computers、company’sthinkcenterSeries microcomputers have also become the most popular、Microcomputer with the highest market share,Looks good can’t be better,but in fact,The company’s internal management and talent team building failed to keep up with the company’s development。
Like Chevat Egarford said,At a data research company,It’s not too common to have a person working in three departments at the same time,For examplewindows2.0Gary Kirydale, chief designer of the system,He was not onlywindows2.0Chief designer and chief architect of the system,At the same timethinkcenterDeputy Chief Engineer of System Architecture,Apart from this,He still has tocm/pSystem improvement,In addition,Chen Geng’secuHe is also the head of the development department……
Once the company splits into two companies,The problem appeared immediately:Which company should Calg Kiridale go to??
These are all problems facing reality。
It’s not that the company doesn’t value talent,It is true that the company’s development speed is too fast,The speed of new recruits cannot keep up with the speed of company development。
A little bit,Chevat Egarford went on to say:“So i suggest,In the next period of time,Companies should increase manpower on a large scale,While increasing manpower,Division of departments、Clarify the responsibilities between departments、right,Prepare for future split……”
The meaning of Chevat Egarford’s words,Everyone understands,Also agree:The split is to make the company specialize、Efficient,Is for the big guys to make more money in the future,Instead of splitting for splitting,If the normal operation of the company after the split is affected,Then split up a fart?
“Not bad,Very well said,”Chen Geng first applauded,At the same time, I asked Chevat Egarford with satisfaction:“Chevat,go on,I know you still have something to say。”
Chen Geng was surprised by the growth rate of Chevat Egarford,Is this the old man who only knows technology a few years ago??
“Hehe……”Chevat Egarford scratched his head embarrassedly:“Also, I think the company should not be split into two,But should be split into2+1Home……”
“2+1?”Without waiting for Chevat Egarford to finish,Dorothy couldn’t help it.:“Chevat,What do you mean?”
Chevat Egarford took a look at Chen Geng first,Then I continued:“bossI have high hopes for automotive electronics。”