Until it slows down several times,Xu Zheng just barely heard clearly。

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“Uncle Postman,Proficient,Send out quickly。”
Brother Teng’s face is darker,This is so circumspect,It’s hard to say,Shen Tao wants him to speak in dialect,Don’t you understand that it’s embarrassing??
Hesitated,The partition has been opened,Shen Teng looked at that black face,Open road:“Rape Susu,Song Xinchunshu,Uniform dissolution。”
Brother Teng just finished reading,There was a burst of laughter below,This Nima is a mixed dialect, right。
Several big question marks appeared on the foreigner’s forehead,Looking at Luo Yuan with a dazed expression。
ps:It’s boring to write the original game of the show,Ready to add something new in,Two more in the afternoon。
Ask for support,Request collection,Ask for recommendation,The point is collection。。
Someone else told me,How to sign?It’s more than 50,000 words,Haven’t come to the signing station short,So flustered~
First24chapter Coming to an end(Two in one)
Brother Teng suddenly became anxious,What’s the matter with this foreigner?When I just introduced myself,The mouth is pretty neat,Why are you stuttering now,Isn’t it the show crew who deliberately got to pit himself?。
Brother Teng took a deep breath,Force yourself to calm down,Say word by word:“Uncle Postman,Proficient,Send out quickly。”