The thick and mysterious ground Xuan Chi changed because of the seriousness of the man。

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The vitality between heaven and earth gathers towards Xuan Chi,Finally, under the man’s roar,Visible energy transforms towards the blood pool。
Put a blow that can break the mountains and rivers on weekdays,There is no effect at this moment,The power was dissolved by blood before entering the blood pool。
Incredible,There are still things he doesn’t know about in the world,And things he can’t split?
“Brother Ye, come down first!”
No need to try again,Ye Chi feels the immense power of this power。
Zong Xueqin and Patriarch Tu nod to each other,After getting the affirmation, the woman shot,Her sky full of red vitality merges with this blood pool。
A magical scene happened,The blood in the entire blood pool rises completely with the support of this force,Finally floated completely over the canyon。
It’s something that I can’t understand,They are in the same state,Why this woman can do all this?
Of course she can,Because of the power she has,Is the power in this valley,This kind of power is not like Xia Chenglong and the others,Permission granted by blood。
Is similar to the existence of the creator。
So in the eyes of others, the blood pool is heavier than the continuous mountains is not too heavy for her。
Ye Chi shut up obediently,Then a group of people walked swiftly and silently in the tunnel filled with blood above their heads。
Compared to these,Those who wear plain clothes are the most mysterious existence in this canyon。
Because they are the most fundamental culprit causing the sacrifice of spirit beasts。