Unsuccessful benevolence!

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Sen white flame appears again,Condense the fire tripod directly on the body,Those refined green thick liquids are included,Constantly bubbling bubbles。
Next is the essence of Millennium Dragon’s Blood Mushroom,This is the most important,The same liquid is put in the fire cauldron。
When the red liquid enters the fire cauldron,The two sides started to react violently calmly,The expression of this reaction is a process of rejection。
As the noble land Millennium Dragon’s Blood Mushroom,How can you be willing to go with these low-grade medicinal materials?,So after entering, the entire fire cauldron became extremely unstable。
No need to think,If this continues,The fire tripod must not be able to withstand this force and explode,These medicinal materials will be destroyed,When the time comes。
But when Huo Ting can’t finish it and can’t bear it,Another purple liquid is injected into it。
Amethyst Jelly,Something very rare in the world,From a powerful beast。
After the amethyst jelly was injected into it, the violent energy seemed to have some calm down。
That’s it,Xia Chenglong lamented the master who created this magical skill,He knows that the two energies become manic after being together,So I used the latter thing to reconcile。
Find the most suitable one among thousands of things,It’s not easy。
Wait until the energy in the fire cauldron becomes calm,Then you can put your finger in it,Let it absorb the energy inside,Wait for it to completely turn green。
But before that, there is one very important thing,Xia Chenglong took out one more thing from the storage ring,That is the golden jade loquat。
This thing is not put in the fire cauldron,But take it directly。
Without thinking,When the golden jade loquat swallowed in the belly,A golden film appears on the surface of the meridians,This film seems to have only one layer,But has great resilience。
More than that,The most important thing is the middle finger,The surface of the middle finger at this moment has become golden,So Xia Chenglong feels relieved。
Otherwise, let him put his fingers into this violent energy, he would not be so relieved。
Hold your breath,The middle finger began to slowly extend into the viscous energy,At the moment when I reach in,Xia Chenglong is directly in a tight state。
A majestic force radiates directly from it,Even the surrounding magma is constantly churning under the baptism of this moment of power。