Got off the bus,Abao called back first,Finally, I am very happy to say:“Still monkey,Call us to drink,I felt embarrassed that I didn’t go last time,Must go this time。”

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“I have a bad feeling,It’s better not to even see the monkey face from now on。”Chen Wenjin sees Abao frowning,I thought so,Changed location,He couldn’t cut off friendship with a friend he used to know just because of this.。‘That girl movie was directed at me,I am not here,She should still think about finding me through Abao,It should be fine for Abao to go alone。’
“It’s okay,Monkey and I are brothers,What can be?Even if he knows I won,You won’t be robbing me for four hundred yuan!”Abao finds Chen Wenjin inexplicable,Guess he just doesn’t want to go,So said:“Forget it,I go by my own,You are full of benefits,You don’t bother to play if she isn’t,Not forcing you。”
“See you tomorrow at school。”Chen Wenjin waved,Just go back。
Chapter Twelve The limitations of the times
Before Chen Wenjin went to bed, she worried about whether Abao would have an accident,butBPThe machine has been quiet,He was relieved。
As for the school the next day……
Chen Wenjin doesn’t want to go through the student period,He lived again since he was a boy,Just for fun,Not to be forced to do it again in the classroom。
but,A sixteen year old boy,How to jump out?
At least I got promoted to high school in July,To manage to drop out。
Chen Wenjin even thought out the reasons for persuading his father Chen to agree to drop out,Originally it was easy,The difficulty is his mother’s,but,His father insists on doing it as long as he agrees,His mother should not be able to stop。
Chen Wenjin only feels painful about going to school,But really walked into school,Walk back to the classroom in memory,I used to be familiar with each one in the class、But when the face blurred by time,Found that it didn’t feel so bad。
The favorite in the class is still looking in the mirror before morning class;The most beautiful in the class,Lulu is also one of the two major flowers in the grade,Receiving assignment,That beautiful and quiet face looks beautiful at the moment;Chen Wenjin’s best friend,One is sleeping on his stomach in the last row,I want to know that I went out to play last night and didn’t sleep well,School is to make up for sleep;The other one focuses on writing and drawing in the second row,Nine out of ten are circuit diagrams。
Abao is not in this class,Classes in this era are divided according to grades,A Leopard in Baban。
Chen Wenjin just sat down,My deskmate and friend stopped writing and painting,Say:“I saw a science fiction in the book yesterday,Find it interesting。Assuming that humans have realized space crossing technology,Can quickly reach distant galaxies,And discovered an alien civilization with a lower technology than ours,What do you think?”