everything’s ready,Wu Zhi launching the nest with two rockets-9Lift off slowly,In the air,Take Nao-9It shows that compared to straight-9More excellent air mobility,After a very fast turn,Take Nao-9Rush towards the target quickly。

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The pilots and weapon operators quickly discovered“aims”,along with“commander”An order,Suspended under the short wings on both sides57mmRockets pouring out,Fly straight to the target。
“how about it?”Zhang Ying asked anxiously。
Although through the telescope,I saw Wu Zhi-9All the rockets fired hit the target without exception,But the smoke at the scene is too big,Can’t see clearly,Everything is still subject to the results reported by the targetman。
Wang Dazhidao:“Don’t worry,The reporter is not far away,The result came out soon。”
Don’t worry,But Wang Dazhi is actually more anxious than Zhang Ying。
The result came out soon,The voice calling the targetman came from the walkie-talkie:“report,Confirmation of Observation Point One,All rockets hit the target,repeat,No. 1 report to targetman for confirmation,All rockets hit the target!”
Immediately after No. 1 Targetman,The voice of No. 2 target man was also heard from the walkie-talkie:“report,Confirmation of Observation Point 2,All rockets hit the target,repeat,No. 2 targetman confirmed,All rockets hit the target!”
“Long live!”
People from COMAC at the scene suddenly cheered enthusiastically。
Although the previous internal tests,Take Nao-9Is also very good,But no matter how good the usual mock test is,It is also possible during the final exam“Miss target”Is not?
Wang Dazhi looked at Jin Sichang and the leaders from various army aviation groups with a smile on his face.:“Leaders,Everyone see……”
Wang Dazhi’s words are not finished yet,Li Jianguo suddenly asked:“Jin Sichang,I remember that01The number machine has a cannonball,Right?Can you have a machine gun shooting test by the way??”
Take Nao-9Is equipped with a door23mmAircraft cannon,Wu Zhi-9The basic weapon equipment。
Speaking of,Take Nao-9The basic firepower is really snot and tears,Not comparable to AmericansAH-64“Apache”、Soviet Union/Russian rice-28“catastrophe”And Europe“tiger”The door above the helicopter30mm“Heavy artillery”,That’s all,Even“Super cobra”Not better than。
althoughAH-1W“Super cobra”The basic weapon is20mmCannon,But look at the caliber-9of23mmThe power of the cannon,But they are equipped with one door3Gatling20mmMachine gun,The ability to deliver ammunition per unit time is straightforward-9of23mmThe cannon is much more powerful,For Wu Zhi-9Say,This is really embarrassing。
But then again,Some are better than none,And Wu Zhi-9Where is the foundation?,To straight-9that4Tons of small body,Can fit a door23mmThe chain cannon is the limit。
Before take off,Take Nao-9Really brought it100Pieces23mmCannon shells,As for why you have to bring shells,Actually because of the weight of the aircraft,In today’s test subjects, there is no gun shooting project,Now Li Jianguo suddenly asked to see the machine gun shooting,Both Jin Sichang and Wang Dazhi are a little surprised。