Shen Yutong doesn’t want to ignore him,Besides, I’m still willing to be deceived by Xiao Fan,Quickly let Song Haiyang go。

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Song Haiyang doesn’t care,A look good for Shen Yutong,Said;“Little girl,It’s not right for you,You let me go,Don’t you want to know what kind of person this guy is?”
Shen Yutong squinted at Song Haiyang,Said:“What are you,Do i need someone like you to help?”
Xiao Fan smiled and watched the show,As if they were not talking about themselves,Song Haiyang obviously doesn’t know who Shen Yutong is,But he is not to blame,Although the Shen family is famous in Yuncheng,,But not many people have really seen the Shen family,How could someone like Song Haiyang have come into contact with someone like the Shen family??
“Little girl,Be polite,Otherwise I will be angry。”Song Haiyang thought,what?Although he is not a great person,But there are also a few small people,It’s more than enough to show superiority in front of people like Xiao Fan。
“pissed off?”Shen Yutong smiled coldly,“What can you do if you are angry,What does it have to do with me?”After that, she ignored him。
“I said you little girl,Why don’t you listen,Do you think i’m hurting you?”Song Haiyang wanted to tear down Xiao Fan,At the same time, I also want to establish a good image in front of Shen Yutong,But he didn’t expect this little girl to fly but didn’t appreciate him,And showed a look of disgusting him very much。
“You are really a dog biting Lu Dongbin。”Song Haiyang continued。
“You say i am a dog?”Shen Yutong didn’t care from the beginning,Now it’s frosty。
Xiao Fan watched all this silently,This eldest lady is obviously angry,Looking at Song Haiyang,Can’t help but laugh,Thought:This eldest lady who was held in the palm of the hand by the Shen family grew up,Should have never been scolded。Even if there is,It’s also private jealousy,Won’t reach this lady’s ears。
“What are you smiling?You big liar,Deceive wherever you go,Luckily Liu Shanshan treats you as a friend,Today i want to expose you。”Song Haiyang glared and said to Xiao Fan。
I don’t know if Song Haiyang was angered or something.,I became even more arrogant。
Xiao Fan said he was very helpless,Said:“Liu Shanshan and I are just ordinary friends,You don’t need to be so aggressive with me,You only hurt yourself。”
Song Haiyang’s hostility towards Xiao Fan was indeed due to Liu Shanshan in the beginning,But not so strong,Until they made a bet,He just started to hate Xiao Fan, who lost his face,That’s why he wanted to destroy everything about Xiao Fan。