“Yes,”Wang Dazhi smiled and nodded,Pass a piece of paper to Anna·Kovaski:“This is the kids gobossBenefits after the company,In addition to salary,There is a fuel subsidy every month、Living allowance,There are shopping coupons issued every month,There is a heating subsidy in winter……you can say so,Arrivedbosss company,They don’t even spend their own wages,Can live well every month。”

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Anna·Kovasky hurriedly took over this introduction about Chen Geng’s salary in the import and export company,really,The above writes in detail to understand the salary and various benefits of their children,Anna’s education level is not bad,Otherwise, it is impossible to serve as an archivist in the Antonov Design Bureau,After reading this introduction,She immediately understood that if her children could enter Chen Geng’s company,Salary is almost doubled now,Although only his son and daughter can enter,Daughter-in-law and son-in-law can still only work in the original company,But Anna was also very satisfied,Nodding:“no problem,We go to China!”
Now that Victor and Anna agreed,So how to arrange for their old couple to go to China,Wang Dazhi doesn’t care,There will be someone responsible for this,Next,Wang Dazhi put all his energy on that Il-76Above the transport plane。
“Igor,How is the condition of this aircraft?”Wang Dazhi who returned to Zaporozhye,Looking at the one that is missing even the serial number-76,Igor·Kovasky asked。
Ok,That ir-76The cabin door and tailgate are fully open,Workers keep coming in and out,Electricity provided by ground power vehicles,This ill-76The lighting system inside the transport aircraft finally turned on again after seven or eight years.。
“not bad,”Speaking of this,Igor·Kovasky’s face is full of smiles:“Mr,I’m about to report this to you,Although this Il-76Looks a little miserable,But we just finished the inspection of this aircraft,The result is still very gratifying:There are no problems with all mechanical parts including the engine,In other words,Just replace the severely expired oil in the aircraft,After replacing those wearing parts and replacement parts,Good luck,This plane will fly right away。”
“is it?That’s really good。”Heard the news,Wang Dazhi is also very happy:“So according to the current situation,How long can this plane fly?”
“Half a month,”Igor·Kovasky said with certainty:“Half a month is enough,But certainly not counting the time to paint。”
Painting an airplane is a very laborious task,Because these planes have been parked in the open air for too long,So if you want to paint it,Can’t paint directly,The original primer must also be scraped off,Before painting,And it’s not just a layer,Similar to car paint,The paint painted by aircraft is also divided into primer and surface paint,You must wait for the primer to dry before you can apply the surface paint,It takes a lot of effort。
“No need to paint,You only need to clear out the position where the serial number is brushed,Just brush the number,Other places just like this。”For this matter,Wang Dazhi has a decision,Anyway, I will modify the plane after I go back.。
“No paint?”
Igor·Kovasky was a little surprised。
“Yes,No brush。”For this matter,Wang Dazhi’s attitude is very firm。
“Ok,you arebossYou have the final say,”Igor·Kovasky shrugged,Speaking of which,He hesitated:“Mr,And one more thing……”
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