The person who reappears in front of me is a bit unexpected,Because they fought a few days ago。

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Yuan Jia Yuan Shao。
At this moment the other party’s breath is erratic,Gas reservoirs around the body,Scattered but not condensed,Condensed but not scattered,Into the Holy Land。
This guy has some insights after the last battle,I passed the Holy Land overnight,It’s also outstanding among the younger generation。
“Yuan Shao,I want to ask Mr.!”
Somewhat funny,If you let the other party know,The master he is facing is the one who fought together before,Don’t know how it will feel。
“Bright sword!”
The only two words Xia Chenglong repeated after entering North Street,This can be regarded as respect for them。
Yuan Shao nodded,really,The spiritual energy reverberates around the body,Turn into aura armor attached to the body surface,Look domineering。
“Kun word,Jin Tianzhen!”
Follow the other party’s voice,Six golden stone pillars appeared around Xia Chenglong,There are some connections between stone pillars and stone pillars,To get out of here, you must smash these six pillars at the same time。
really not bad,Just after entering this level, you can comprehend such martial arts,If the other party can keep his heart,This person will do something on the mainland in ten years。
“Dragon King Different Dimension!”
This is the purple energy ball that appeared in the branch venue before?
People who are still watching see what Xia Chenglong displayed,All showing excitement,They finally saw this man performing martial arts。