Seeing Chen Geng frowning,Ivan·Caruso was taken aback,Hurriedly explained:“But they didn’t say,But i guess,Just guessing,GM should be watching youAMCShares。”

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“You mean GM intends to acquire myMACShares?”Chen Geng’s eyes narrowed:“GM has never taken the initiative to express similar intentions to us。”
“Do you still not know the style of GM?,”Ivan·Caluso gave a wry smile:“You forgot how General Motors bought Opel、Oldsmobile、Vauxhall、Pontiac’s car brands?They all pass some first……Ok,Not a good way to suppress the performance and stock price of the acquisition target,Bring them some operational difficulties,Then I will come to the door,Offer a very low purchase price……”
Yes,Chen Geng suddenly reacted:Suppressing acquisition targets through malicious means is simply a glorious tradition of GM,It doesn’t seem strange that they use this trick on themselves。
think carefully,I have a flourishing government and military business in my handsAM General,JustHMMVBusiness is enough to makeAM GeneralTurn over a lot of profits to the parent company every year,Not to mention that with the few models that I provide,AMCMarket sales are rapidly rising,The Mexican production base has also started……Not surprisingly,Years laterAMCWill become a large automobile manufacturing group with an annual production capacity of over one million vehicles,Take advantage ofAMCWhen it is about to take off but not take offAMCSnatch it,It’s really a great deal,And encourageAMCOf unions organize workers to go on strike,It is undoubtedly the simplest but most effective suppressionAMCThe way。
The only thing GM miscalculated、Or it’s missing,I’m afraid they didn’t expect to be so tough even if they lived or died,He would rather pay for himself than bow his head to the striking workers,That’s all,On the contrarythinkcenterThe hot sales have given me enough to fight workers’ strikes“ammunition”,Now GM is completely numb。
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